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format: Article | COMUNICAZIONI SOCIALI - 2005 - 2. Il teatro al lavoro. Teorie e tecniche del teatro nel mondo del lavoro
Year: 2005
All too often our working and personal life is constrained by seriousness. Duties, obligations, precepts, whether of a social nature or self-imposed, absorb our attention, our effort to live our lives on the planet. Laughter, however, embodies the need to communicate and is a creative force: the relationship between laughter and well-being has always been understood. We discover our creativity by clowning. We need to bring out, to liberate, the creativity that is inside each of us, with its whole charge of freshness and enthusiasm, leaving space for playfulness and joy. Laughter needs to be completely rehabilitated because it has noble origins, being even related to the genesic act of Wisdom (Proverbs 8,30-31). By reconstructing an inner space in which to allow silence to speak, we can again listen to the echo of the divine joy and delight at a creation that is achieved day by day. And if, on recreating an inner space, we rediscover the joy we have lost (the ‘perfect joy’ of St. Francis), of which laughter is the outward expression, it is likewise true that by spreading smiles around, we facilitate the reconstruction of this spiritual place. This is why today, more than ever, we urgently need laughter. It is a primary need whose urgency and scope are perceived whenever we go to work in a theatre, in a classroom, in a business, in a gymnasium or in the wing of a prison.
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