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Giselda Adornato

Giselda Adornato
Vita e Pensiero
Collaboratrice dell’Istituto Paolo VI di Brescia ed esperta studiosa della vita di Giovanni Battista Montini.

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«Vera, umana e cristiana femminilità»: la donna nel Magistero di Paolo VI digital
format: Article | COMUNICAZIONI SOCIALI - 2007 - 2. Genere e generi. Figure femminili nell'immaginario cinematografico italiano
Year: 2007
The text reconstructs the Magisterium of the Church on women under the pontificate of Paul VI. Through the detailed collection and the reading of all documents dealing with the question of women, the text illustrates the complexity of the position of the Church with regard to the role and functions of women and gives insight into the importance of the cultural dimension, understood as an indication of the change happening and instrument for the achievement of a model of full and complete femininity, inspired by the Marian ideal.
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