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Le marionette di Santo Aleixo, nuove ed antiche manifestazioni di identità digital
format: Article | COMUNICAZIONI SOCIALI - 2007 - 3. Comunità in atto. Conflitti globali, interazioni locali, drammaturgie sociali
Year: 2007
The Bonecos de Santo Aleixo are small puppets, made of wood, wire and cloth, and represent an exemplary case of conservation, restoration and production of a specific genre of Portuguese popular theatre. This is a very important cultural heritage in the Alentejo region, in the South of Portugal, destined to disappear as a result of the crisis in the context of the community that those puppets had generated. Then began a path leading to the recovery of this tradition in which professional actors learned the repertoire, texts were published, research projects were started at the University. A first step to go back to the traces of their identity, through the current memory of the show.
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