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Lucia Gasparini

Lucia Gasparini
Vita e Pensiero
Lucia Gasparini, insegnante e storica dell’arte, ricerca da tempo sul tema del patrimonio culturale immateriale, cui ha dedicato anche la sua tesi di dottorato (2013). Affianca allo studio, da molti anni, un’attività di mediazione e valorizzazione del patrimonio culturale sul territorio.

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Il museo abitato digital
format: Article | COMUNICAZIONI SOCIALI - 2020 - 2. Learning from the Virus: The Impact of the Pandemic on Communication, Media and Performing Arts Disciplinary Fields. A Round-Table
Year: 2020
In this paper the contemporary museum is interpreted through the category of ‘living’: nowadays it is often lived as a place of performance, both individual and of the community, reconsidering its traditional role. Particularly, due to the presence of the collections of contemporary art, it is not any more a place of mere contemplation of the works of art, but a place where these works can be entered in and lived by visiting people. Referring to the theory of “relational art” by Nicolas Bourriaud and to the most recent theories of active heritage safeguarding (about intangible cultural heritage), the paper analyses same cases which show how museum is getting more and more a place to live and not simply a place to visit. Firstly, the paper deals with the artistic group Studio Azzurro who mixes visual arts, video, movie, performing arts and new technologies, and invites the visitor to become an actor and to live its works of art, which in some cases become even an entire museum...
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