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Riccardo M. Colangelo

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Diritto all’oblio e corpo in Internet. Alcune problematiche dell’indicizzazione di immagini dimenticate digital
format: Article | COMUNICAZIONI SOCIALI - 2016 - 2. BODIES EXPOSED Dramas, Practices and Mimetic Desire
Year: 2016
This essay springs from a recognition of the various uses of the ‘virtual’. This is fundamental to understanding that the Net is not a virtual world like Second Life. Indeed, many authors emphasize the risks of Internet addiction, and ‘misuse’ of the Net may result in the commission of crimes. Among the legal risks, those related to the ‘electronic body’ are especially significant, and the situation is still evolving. The doctrinal notion of an ‘electronic body’, a non-physical corpus of information, differs from that of a ‘virtual body’. An ‘electronic body’ also includes images, such as those of bodies exposed – as user-generated content – in inactive profiles...

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