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The loss of dimensions in Bourne’s world

digital The loss of dimensions in Bourne’s world
section Open Access
title The loss of dimensions in Bourne’s world
publisher Vita e Pensiero
format Article | Pdf
online since 02-2015
issn 03928667 (print) | 18277969 (digital)
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In order to start a discussion about the connections between urban space and space of the image, it is necessary to refer the reflection to a same semantic system, so that we need, first of all, to define an equivalence between concepts and words. According to this I will adopt the term of architecture by shifting its meaning toward a definition that allows me to use it everywhere the gaze of a moving spectator meets an organized, dimensioned and ordered space. In this way I will be able to talk about urban architecture as well as image architecture, by considering both these expressions as architectures of the visible, where the gaze of a moving spectator drags narrative threads by following traced routes. My proposal deals with an analysis that respects all the traditional categories of film analysis, but at the same time tries to find out new analytic perspectives, by observing the spatial organization of the image, of its own architecture.

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