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Il film di ‘back-stage’

digital Il film di ‘back-stage’
issue COMUNICAZIONI SOCIALI - 2005 - 3. Il metodo e la passione. Cinema amatoriale e film di famiglia in Italia
title Il film di ‘back-stage’
publisher Vita e Pensiero
format Article | Pdf
online since 09-2005
issn 03928667 (print) | 18277969 (digital)
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A ‘formless’ genre, which traverses the whole history of the cinema, frequently altering its appearance and functions, the ‘back-stage’ or ‘making-of’ film appears at many points of its history to converge with the immense range of amateur practices. A series of clues, relative to both the form and production strategies and to the enunciational perspective that characterize it, are in fact related to the field of those audiovisuals pro- duced and consumed within a non-professional logic and context, and where it is precisely the dimension of ‘love’, namely the dimension of the impassioned and the affective, that emerges as the driving force. The paper exemplifies the development of the genre and its frequent oscillation between amateur and profession- al approaches by means of case histories drawn from the history of the Italian cinema.

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