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Dtt e servizi interattivi: una risposta al digital divide? digital
format: Article | COMUNICAZIONI SOCIALI - 2008 - 1. Incipit digitale. L'avvio della televisione digitale terrestre in Italia tra discorsi, prodotti e consumi
Year: 2008
The sharing of digital language allows public administrations to transfer some already available services on line. In the specific case, Dtt represents a platform alternative to internet, which can address a much younger audience, included the weakest part of it, which is excluded by the other fruition channels, thanks to different logics: simplicity, standardization, diffusion. Its context of use, its graphic layout and its connection through telephone cable, joins in a single platform three different typologies of instruments (teletext, dvd and internet) which had not yet been planned for a joined use. The digital terrestrial television, through interactive services addressed to the citizens, has the possibility, among others, to represent a real contribution to a society of information excluding nobody, in which knowledge is a fundamental need and technology is a mean of creation, exchange and content preservation. The essay analyzes the offer of interactive services in 2006 Dtt programming, with particular reference to the applications trying to fill up the digital divide. In particular the analysis deals with the forms of T-Government (Television Government) characterized by a bi-directional and personalized interactivity, often offered as a side service to the broadcaster’s programming. After taking into consideration the twenty-nine projects started and financed in 2006 for the creation of public administration services based on the digital terrestrial system, the essay analyzes the offer, made by La7 in collaboration with the Municipality of Milan and by Class News in collaboration with the Region Sicily. The analysis allows underlining how, in the relevant year, this kind of services opened the opportunity for the local televisions to play a key role in the building of a network of relations between the suppliers and users of interactive services. In the meantime, it underlines how this experimentation drove the interaction with the user-citizen, planned by public administrations, principally on public administration activities. The essay also underlines that a possible extension of the public services through the digital terrestrial television would involve the field of distance training, of E-learning.
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Nuove forme di spettacolo e di spettatorialità: il multiplex e l’esperienza di visione digital
format: Article | COMUNICAZIONI SOCIALI - 2004 - 1. Civiltà delle macchine. Il cinema italiano e le sue tecnologie
Year: 2004
Space perception, in terms of the cinematographic experience, has undergone a radical change in recent years. The development of advanced technology and extensive economic investment has kindled in the viewers a heightened appreciation of spectacular scenes and special effects, perceived through the involvement of all the senses. In Italy, the context in which the experience takes place has been redesigned over the last seven years not only by the presence of innovative audiovisual equipment but also by the surrounding space, which is redefined in the form of strikingly large structural complexes known as multiplexes. The cinema hall thus becomes a reflection of the changes characterizing the modern metropolis; multiplexes are among the protagonists of the dissolution of the metropolis into the diffuse-city. These new structures assume the role of a channel of contact between individuals, redefining sociality within the framework of a new complex of relations that take place in the same space, in which the commercial aspect becomes predominant.
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