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Giuseppina Pellegrino

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Routine comunicative e nuove tecnologie: Intranet come accesso alla vita quotidiana delle organizzazioni digital
format: Article | COMUNICAZIONI SOCIALI - 2003 - 3. Comunicazione e vita quotidiana
Year: 2003
The topic of the essay concerns communicative routines and strategies of domestication and appropriation of the Intranet technology. Moving from a constructionist approach and from the literature on the «communities of practice», the concept of everyday life seems to play a crucial role both in the working and communicative practices and in the strategies and learning contexts that social actors set up in the social construction of the Intranet technology. The interaction of old and new technologies (with their routines) is strictly linked to the processes of negotiation of meaning and content related to sociotechnical innovation. The fieldwork, based on an ethnographic observation of a middle size Italian firm, shows that a new technology can represent both a way of access into the life and communicative processes of an organization, and a way to reinforce and/or construct the organizational identity.
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