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La grande impresa del teatro

digital La grande impresa del teatro
issue COMUNICAZIONI SOCIALI - 2005 - 2. Il teatro al lavoro. Teorie e tecniche del teatro nel mondo del lavoro
title La grande impresa del teatro
Publisher Vita e Pensiero
format Article | Pdf
online since 05-2005
issn 0392-8667 (print) | 1827-7969 (digital)
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The paper is divided into two sections. The first describes the fundamental aspects of social theater: a theatrical experience very common today, which develops outside the normal contexts of the professional drama and embodies the evolutionary interaction between artistic-theatrical procedures and practices and the socio- affective needs and possibilities of the person, the group and the community to which the group belongs, so restoring open forms of drama and festivities. The second section of the text inscribes the experience of the theater in business as part of the broader field of social theater and so identifies some of its distinctive features through a description of certain exper- iments that have been conducted. The text brings out the specific nature of the contribution that the theatre can make to the development of productive organizations. The theatre is particularly interesting for both a training in areas inherent in relationships and communications – soft skills – and in the development, in phas- es of change, of processes of observation and evaluation in participation with the organizational culture, fol- lowed by paths of integrated and supportive training. Finally the text presents the need for a strong contrac- tual partnership with the business, given the intensity of the work that the theater presents. Also desirable is an adequate training in social theater for those who intend to work with this method in business training.

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